Seed Capital Bizkaia Mikro manages about thirty micro-financing projects of up to 25,000 euros


Seed Capital Bizkaia Mikro, established last year to operate in micro-finance projects (with a limit of 25,000 euros) has already in perspective between 30 and 35 operations in 2018 and has managed to attract the European Micro-financing Congress to Bilbao, which will be held in October with the assistance of more than 700 experts.

The Commission for Economic and Territorial Development of the General Meetings of Bizkaia held this morning a double session in which various public sector companies dependent on the Department headed by Imanol Pradales have reported on their activities and projects.

In the same, Pradales has highlighted the recent creation of Crowdfunding Bizkaia, the first European public platform in this form of financing, with a social capital of 60,000 euros fully disbursed by the Provincial Council.

The directors-managers of Beaz, Azpiegiturak, Seed Capital and Interbiak have accompanied Pradales – who as head of the Department presides over all of them – when responding to requests for information from the Juntero groups.


The information provided by these five public entities dependent on the Provincial Council of Bizkaia respond to a joint initiative of the Mixed Groups and EH Bildu, which in the last weeks have processed requests so that those responsible for all the autonomous entities and companies of the public sector go to the corresponding committees of the Chamber of Biscay to account for their actions and projects, strategic plans, conditions of their staff and other issues related to their activity.

The Regional Deputy of Economic and Territorial Development and the managers of the various entities have explained that Beaz-Center for Business and Innovation of Bizkaia, SA, whose purpose is the promotion, development and promotion of the competitiveness of companies, was a pioneer when it was established in 1987 as the first center of enterprise and innovation created in the State. It has a staff of 51 people and a budget of 5,035,000 euros for this year.

Beaz manages eight incubation spaces for business projects, some in collaboration with the UPV-EHU, University of Deusto, Basque Government, SPRI or Bilbao City Council. The survival rate of the projects supported by Beaz is around 80%, and its short-term priorities are to continue working on business innovation and acceleration of startups.

On the other hand, Azpiegiturak, SAU, a mercantile company whose purpose is the projection, construction, conservation and management of infrastructures of different nature (business, social, sports), since it derives from the merger in 2009 of several provincial societies attached to different departments, has for this year a budget of 76.5 million euros, and has a staff of 64 people.

Imanol Pradales has clarified that, although the Foral Housing Plan is not already in force, Azpiegiturak is responsible for managing 1,100 homes derived from it, with a majority already sold and 161 for rent, largely for people in vulnerable situations.

This year Azpiegiturak has taken control of 60% of the share capital of SestaoBai, a public company promoted by the City Council of the town and the Provincial Council to promote a Business Park in a degraded industrial area, in which the Provincial has underlined the recent creation of 229 jobs in a plant of the ITP aeronautical group, and another hundred in an occupational center that will soon launch Lantegi Batuak, in addition to the previous transfer to this site by the company Vicinay.

For its part, Seed Capital Bizkaia, established in 1989 with the aim of financing innovative business projects, is organized as a management company and four venture capital funds (I, Bi, Pyme and Mikro). The first three currently have a portfolio of 58 companies from the most diverse investee sectors, and its budget for 2018 is 1,290,000 euros, with 12 people on staff.

Interbiak, created in 2002, aims to manage road infrastructures, mainly the conservation and exploitation of the section of the A-8 highway between Basauri and Ermua and the Artxanda tunnels, and the construction of the Metropolitan South Alternative (known as Supersur, and whose new phase will be tendered shortly).

It also maintains works in execution (variant of Ermua and Amorebieta-Muxika section, which includes the Autzagane tunnels) or in project (radial roads Uberuaga-Berriatua, Boroa-Igorre and Meñaka-Bermeo).

With a staff of 32 people, Interbiak has a budget of 109 million euros for 2018 and an economic-financial plan with the horizon of 2035 that, in the opinion of Imanol Pradales, is being met “satisfactorily”, and has stated that will not be affected by the announced intention of the Diputación to undertake the construction of the subfluvial tunnel of Lamiako.