Quick and Direct fomento promotes mortgage mediation as an alternative to evictions

Bernabé points out that the Mortgage Orientation Service has obtained positive results in more than 70% of the cases attended

The Minister of Development and Infrastructures, Francisco Bernabé, highlighted this Friday the “other form of conflict resolution” that is carried out through mortgage mediation and developed since 2013 the Housing Mortgage Advice and Information Service (SOIHV) of the Autonomous Community, dependent on its department, in a “more humane, consensual, agile and economic” manner.

Bernabé has indicated, during the opening of the Conference on Mortgage Mediation, that “we intend to bring together all those who contribute in the area of ​​the Region with their work, vocation and enthusiasm that many especially vulnerable people find a worthy alternative in terms of housing refers, through counseling and mediation in the resolution of conflicts in this matter “.

This work is carried out by the SOIHV, a service that, in person or through the requests derived from the information telephone 012, provides interested parties with information and advice, as well as, where appropriate, intermediation management with credit institutions, in order to to avoid the actions that derive in the eviction of the habitual residence of these people in a precarious situation.

He also stressed that “183 cases of people affected by foreclosure processes have been attended so far, which, added to the 181 of 2013 and 260 of last year, make a total of 624 interventions, obtaining, in more than 70 percent of the cases a satisfactory solution for the debtor “.

Bernabé explained that in all the interventions of the Mortgage Housing Information and Guidance Service “an orientation is addressed that includes free economic, financial and legal advice on the matter in question” and, on occasion, has affected, ” they refer the matters to voluntary economists belonging to the Illustrious Association of Economists of the Region of Murcia, so that they advise and accompany the users in the renegotiation of their mortgage with their financial entities “.

The counselor has indicated that the payment in payment of the habitual residence “is one of the measures that is being adopted and approved by financial institutions and that prevent foreclosure,” adding that users are also requesting restructuring. of mortgage debt as a measure to achieve the viability of it.

Pioneering agreement in Spain

The Minister stressed that the Community in May signed the first agreement in Spain between a public administration and financial institutions that sets the lines of collaboration necessary to establish channels and means of mortgage intermediation, in order to avoid foreclosure, reduce over-indebtedness mortgage and safeguard housing.

Francisco Bernabé explained that, with this agreement, the signatory entities Banco Mare Nostrum, Banco Sabadell and Cajamar-Caja Rural “undertook to find a solution to the cases of foreclosure through the restructuring or rehabilitation of the mortgage loan, the reduction or it removes from the debt, the dation in payment, the conversion of the loan in a rental contract, the sale of the property by the debtor, the suspension of the uprising in attention to the especially vulnerable groups or the social rent “.

The Minister of Development stressed that the regional government also expanded this year its collaboration with the Federation of Municipalities and the professional associations of Lawyers, Attorneys, Economists and Real Estate Agents of the Region to fight against evictions, by signing an agreement, whose purpose is to “prevent, address and mitigate the loss of habitual residence in eviction proceedings.”

Mediation day

Mediation day

The day that takes place this Friday has been called ‘The mortgage mediation as an alternative to the foreclosure procedure, and has brought together experts in the field and professionals interested in “this novel way of resolving conflicts, such as mediation, in the mortgage field, which allows the decision to be agreed between the debtor and the financial institution, thus obtaining a result accepted by both that avoids delays and is more economical, “said Bernabé.

Likewise, strategies and resources available from the administrations will be analyzed to provide citizens with the tools that facilitate the solution of their non-payment situation with financial institutions, and the execution of eviction procedures will be avoided.