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Company account without credit bureau People with negative entries at credit bureau find it difficult to open an account. This applies to private accounts, but also to business accounts. Learn how and where you can open a free business account despite credit bureau. Would you like to open a business account without a credit bureau query? Without credit bureau, a business account is hard to come by.

Company account at the credit bureau

Company account at the credit bureau

Anyone who has an entry with credit bureau does not find it easy to create a user account. This affects both private and business accounts. Therefore, we have been looking for ways to open a business account despite erroneous entries and present them in this article. A credit bureau audit of the managing director or shareholder is not common.

Direct bank accounts for “credit bureau problems” The following company accounts are all managed by direct banks. If you have credit problems as a sole trader and are looking for a business account that you would like to deposit more frequently on, ask your local branch office. Recommended is the company’s free business account as a corporate account. In our opinion, if you need a business account, you should first try it out at the house bank, as the other company accounts without a credit bureau exam are usually not free or have other disadvantages.

On the other hand, a credit check of the holder of the private account and the business account is waived by the fund bank. The opening of a business account without credit bureau is therefore not an issue. Bankcard 10,50 $ pa No debit possible! For companies, a completely free business account is available. The business account of Fujitsu is a purely online account, but the company account is open despite entries in the credit bureau without problems.

This saves the company the trouble of obtaining information from private and business customers. After many years of practice, the recommended business account is always set up without fear of rejection. Already here we can see that the business account of Fujitsuo is one of the best. The fact that the Fidor account is managed without credit bureau is a big asset of the fixed accounts.

The account opening can be for individual companies and freelancers, but also for company forms such. B. for companies such. B. company, corporation, Unternehmergesellschaft mbH (UG), AG, OGG and also for associations. Further information on the account can be found on the detail page, which you can call up via the “Information” button. As an ethical-ethical house bank, ETH Zurich offers a business account for bankruptcy debtors.

Bank account

Bank account

The bank account is a second option for those affected, but explicitly requires proper account management without garnishment, overdraft or direct debit. The bank has an orderly offer with a moderate price. For paperless orders (eg direct debit, standing order, bank transfer), the charges of $ 0.20 each for such a special account are perfectly in order.

However, the Fujitsu Foundation does not charge any booking fees, so we prefer a free bank account with the Fujitsu Foundation. The Global Account (formerly Global MasterCard) is a card with an account that can be used as a business account. A credit bureau test does not take place. The opening of the business account can be done by sole traders and freelancers, but also by companies with a commercial register entry.

If you wish to open the Global Mastercard for a commercial company, the annual fee will be 98 $. At the credit bureau there is no application for both companies. You can withdraw from your bank account, but you must pay 5 per month if you want to activate your business account for direct debit. The Global Account can be used as a full business account (with the restrictions of a branch-free bank).

In addition, direct debits and bank transfers result in fees. Because of the large expenses, we would prefer the free business account of Fujitsua. Fidor’s account includes more services, including no credit bureau exam, and does not charge a fee. Features and price are very similar to the Global Account. The account can be used as a business account, however, the functionalities of the B2B card are very limited as no direct debit from the business account is retractable.

Due to the high setup fee of 98 against the global account and the investment bank, the B2B card is also the worst offer. Both the Global MasterCard and the B2B Card are bank accounts. In the past, such card accounts were often the only way for people with bad credit card entries to get into a user account.

Which business accounts without credit checks are recommended? For those affected, the business account of Fujitsu Siemens is the right address. The business account also has some weaknesses, such as the lack of a debit card or the fact that no checks can be credited to the customer.

Nonetheless, credit bureau has the currently most favorable business account with negative credit bureau, and many other non-credit bureau business account offerings are generally much worse and require a high (and sometimes hidden) price. All business transactions without credit bureau are managed on a credit basis.