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The Arab-Israeli Bank opened its doors in the middle of the last century, with the primary objective of providing financial services to the Arab sector while taking into consideration the cultural characteristics of the population. The Bank’s branches are distributed mainly to Arab communities throughout the country, working hours are suitable for Muslim and Christian holidays, and the employees who serve the branches are mostly members of the sector.



In the 1970s , the Arab-Israeli Bank was acquired by Bank Leumi and operated for a long time as a subsidiary of Leumi. In 2016, after several cases that were discussed in the courts, the Arab-Israeli Bank was finally integrated into Leumi.

The Arab Israel Bank’s business loan routes

The Arab Israel Bank

Today, all of the various financial services for the customers of the Arab Israel Bank are carried out from within Leumi’s various branches, while the business loan tracks are identical to those of Bank Leumi (taking into account the unique needs of the segment). In fact, the branches of an Israeli Arab who existed in the Arab communities even before, were converted and now operate under the framework of Bank Leumi.

We will review some of the main routes available at Leumi’s various branches in the Arab sector:

  • Business credit option through the Koret Foundation – This loan program is offered to rural customers of the cooperation of Bank Leumi (and the Arab Israeli), together with the Koret Foundation, which operates within the framework of philanthropy and assists many businesses in Israel. The purpose of this assistance program is to develop the Negev and support existing and new businesses operating in the periphery. The loan is intended for both the Arab and Jewish sectors.

The amount of credit granted under this channel is not large in relation to other options available at the Bank, but is suitable for a series of smaller and smaller companies. Today, the loan amount in the track is NIS 60,000 at its maximum level, with the interest rate calculated according to prime plus 1.5% – attractive conditions in relation to the options offered in the market. The maximum repayment period is three years and the other conditions are agreed upon in the negotiations with the Bank.

  • Business Loan Track – Business borrowers who hold an account at the Arab Israeli Bank and need credit immediately can make use of a loan channel with a click available for up to NIS 200,000. The great advantage of this track is that the credit application can be submitted in a variety of channels and without the need to physically reach the bank – you can use the website, cellular application and telephone call with the center.

The maximum repayment period for a loan with a click is five years, while the interest and other characteristics of the loan are determined according to the unique characteristics of each customer. A borrower with an orderly history and higher incomes will benefit from lower interest rates.

  • A business credit facility with exceptional flexibility in repayment terms – this option is perfectly suited to the Bank’s customers who wish to match the future loan repayments with their sales turnover and revenues. The final terms of credit and interest costs will usually depend on business income and cash flow in recent times.

The amount of credit offered by Leumi in this track is NIS 750,000 in its maximum form, with the loan period being for one year only. During this year, the business borrower may repay part of the credit or the entire loan each month without any exit fines or commissions of any kind. On the other hand, he can wait until the end of the period and make the whole payment at once.

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